Treatment and Filtration

Treating your pool and getting the right balance can be a bit of a black art which invariably leads to the owner handing this function over to a professional. But wouldn't it be nice to know what is happening in your pool?

The pool is like any other system in the house - it can be automated and optimised with technology - making maintenance far cheaper and handing back control to the owner...

When looking at it in practical terms, automating particular functions can minimise maintenance visits and so give a return on investment within 1-2 years!

So how would it be done?



This is commonly achieved using Chlorine which is dosed in quite a haphazard way and often over compensated making the swimming experience unpleasant and, in some extreme cases, unhealthy.

Water Balance

regulator automatic ph algarve

In order for sterilisation to work effectively it is important to maintain the correct acidity/alkalinity levels - commonly called PH.

Cleaning & Filtration


So that takes care of hygiene, algae and bugs - but what about actual rubbish that gets into the pool such as pollen, dust, leaves, lawn clippings etc?