Solar and Safety Covers

If you are considering pool heating or have small children then a cover for the pool is a prerequisite.

It is quite difficult to have a cover that enables solar gain (translucent) and has the same safety features as as a dedicated safety cover, but all covers will prevent evaporation from the pools surface which is 70% of the heat-loss.

Where childrens safety is concerned there is no substitute for parental supervision and children should never be left alone - even with a safety cover. In certain situations a pool cover can increase the danger to a child i.e. if they get under it.

algarver-pool-safety-cover.jpgThe advantages to a cover are:

  • It helps the pool maintain heat

  • Slows down evaporation & conserves water

  • Can assist with safety

  • Cuts down on cost of energy, saves maintenance & money due less chemicals

  • Stops debris dropping into the pool

  • Easy to use


Safety Pool Covers

algarve_safety_automatic-pool-cover.jpgSafety pool covers are design to be anchored down and to cover the pool from pets and small children. This should not be a substitute for supervision but it adds an extra level of assurance.

Solar Pool Covers

polycarbonate_solar_slats_algarve.jpgThe main feature solar pool covers have are translucency - i.e. not only do they keep the heat in through insulation and by stopping evaporation they also let in sunlight during the day which gives a net gain of heat.