Safety railings fences and covers

Safety is paramount wherever pools are concerned.

At the very least please ensure that:

  • Electrical equipment should be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local safety laws
  • Correct water depths are marked on the side of the pool
  • A suitable strong fence is installed around the pool.
  • Use non slip materials around the pool
  • Most pool covers should not be trusted as a form of protection. They may look solid but can give out and can actually be more dangerous if someone slips under them.

Safety Alarms


Alarms are another way of safety but it is not a physical barrier, it only tells the adult that their animal or child has entered the perimetre of the pool.

Safety Covers


Covers are very useful in the way that it is a physical barrier and it keeps heat escaping from your pool.

Safety Fences

frameless glass pool fencing3

Fences are probably the cheapest way of preventing your children or animals of falling in the pool.