Generally, when a pool is put in, the company supplies a set of tools for cleaning and testing the chemicals in the water. Most pools come with all the necessary cleaning equipment built in but there are plenty of opportunities for automation such as an automatic pool cleaner - which will help keep the pool clean and free of debris.

Chemicals are something that a pool owner may not be familiar with, so it is recommended that they should have an idea on how to test their water and know what chemicals are needed. After they know the basics then they can get a recommendation on which chemicals to use and when.

The water needs to be clean and clear to prevent infections or bacteria from accumulating. Homeowners should ensure the water is properly treated and contains the correct levels of chemicals. Keep pipes, filters and motors in good working order. Clean filters when required and service all pool equipment according to the manual.

Pools have to be maintained and cleaned depending on the level of usage the pool has. If the pool is used frequently then it needs to be cleaned, maintained, and free of debris at least once every two weeks during the warm months. The filter used also depends on how frequently it needs to be changed or maintained. Some filters can go without servicing and others need to be changed or upgraded every year. Homeowners do not have to have their pool serviced on a regular basis if they are performing weekly pool cleanings since the pool is cleaned, shocked and free of debris. If the pool cleaner notices a major problem, then it needs to be fixed at the earliest to keep the pool in good working order .