Hayward Pool Heatpump Algarve

But what size heat pump does your pool need? :-

Several factors must be considered when sizing a heat pump for your pool -

            • Indoor or outdoor pool

            • Windy / exposed site or sheltered

            • Type of pool: in-ground / on-ground / 'infinity'-type

            • Desired operating temperature

            • Required seasons-of-use

            • Pool surface area or volume

            • Whether the pool is covered when not in use / at night

            • If the pool has a solar or thermal cover




A heat pump needs to be powerful enough to heat your pool from very cold at the start of the season. The outputs stated by manufacturers are always the maximum obtainable under optimum ambient temperature / humidity conditions. In reality, the output that you achieve from a machine may be less than that stated.

It is therefore always prudent to over-size a heat pump a little. A pool's heat pump cannot be too large - it simply heats up the pool more quickly. On the other hand, if you under-size a heat pump it will run for many hours yet may never raise the pool to the desired temperature.