Pool heating invariably comes down to cost. Anyone who has lived in the Algarve for some time has come across horror stories concerning the cost of heating their pool - this is usually down to three main culprits:

Algarve Pool Heating

  1. Gas Heating - gas is very responsive and can get a pool up to temperature in a day - but at a cost - from recent coversations with clients it can be anything up to 3000 euros a month!
  2. Diesel Heating - using diesel as an alternative fuel has the same advantages and the same expensive disadvantages.
  3. Lack of a pool cover - without a pool cover all bets are off - it becomes a battle between heat loss (ambient temperature and evaporation) and heat gain - and it is simply folly to try and heat a pool without one.

Any form of pool heating MUST have some sort of cover - and to go that one step further Penguin Pools specialises in solar covers - either polycarbonate slats or translucent plastic to enable solar gain.

Efficient pool heating can be divided into a number of categories:

Solar Pool Heating

There are two types of solar solutions we provide - both suffer from consisitency issues i.e. on a cloudy or cold winter day the pool cools faster than it can heat up - but they are essentially free to run.

Solar Pool Covers

The main feature solar pool covers have are translucency - i.e. not only do they keep the heat in through insulation and by stopping evaporation they also let in sunlight during the day which gives a net gain of heat.


When you have heating installed, it obviously will extend the time you are able to use the pool.

Heat pumps are the future as opposed to the older electrical, gas, or oil systems ...