Running the pump overnight only, to take advantage of a cheaper supply tariff, is one trick to reduce this expenditure. But nowadays there's a way to run a pool pump completely FREE – using a Pool__PV_pumphouse_together.JPGphotovoltaic (PV) solar system.

Shown here is a recent Penguin installation for a pool of 60m2 volume. The pumphouse roof has been fitted with 3 PV solar panels, sufficient to run a compatible electric pump and its master control box (also pictured). The pool pump operates perfectly during daylight hours and, whilst direct sunshine is the most effective, it still runs at a functional capacity in cloudy conditions or off-season, only needing daylight as its power source. The system is fully automatic, runs totally off-grid and requires no batteries.

Once the initial investment cost has been recouped, through reduced electric bills for the property, the system will service your pool for free for many years to follow.